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COLUMN: Tell the President to Quell the Hate Mongers Tonight

Sean Egan (IBEW 275) is the chair of the Kent-Ionia Labor Council.


By Sean Egan

Honestly, I expected a rocky road for President Trump. It is easy to yell and shout vague promises during campaigns. And I was quite concerned with the fear mongering and race baiting going on during the campaign. However, I was hopeful that moral minds would prevail, but since the election and inauguration, President Trump and his surrogates, like Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, and Steve Bannon, have done nothing to calm the alt-right anger they stoked for votes.

Tonight, in his first address to Congress, the President will have a platform to say, in no uncertain terms, that enough is enough.  We have had hate crimes perpetrated all over this country including targeting African Americans, Indians, Jews, and any other person that doesn’t fit their perceived “superiority.”

Further, ICE has been illegally stopping, arresting, and profiling anyone that isn’t white across our nation, in effect rounding up and harassing law abiding citizens and non-citizens in the name of extremism.

Help me today by simply emailing the President at and ask him to stop the race baiting and remind everyone tonight that we are One Nation regardless of how we look or what religion we practice.

Here is my message to the President, feel free to copy and paste or create your own.

Dear Mr. President,

Tonight, when you address Congress and our Nation, I am urging you to stand tall and help stop the extreme racism that is plaguing our Country.  The white supremacy movement has used your message on immigrants as a rallying cry to further their aims of destroying the lives of fellow citizens, those on visas or green cards, and terrorizing our people and communities.

The diversity of our Nation is our strength, and any terrorist groups either internal or external are a threat to our way of life.  Hate in any form is destructive, and especially harmful when based on the false ideology of one race or religion being supreme to others.  We cannot combat the pervasive racism and segregation of our Nation at the same time racist groups are attacking the very principles of equality and justice.

You can no longer stand by while these groups hurt our people and our Nation.  We have real challenges in our Country and we cannot move forward together while some are trying to tear us apart.


Sean Egan


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