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COLUMN: Turn out to turn down Trump’s b.s.

Sean Egan (IBEW 275) is the president of the Kent-Ionia Labor Council.


By Sean Egan

No one should be surprised to see Donald Trump’s continued implosion.  A narcissistic, egotistical, condescending, and infantile ass should never be considered a qualified candidate for anything, let alone president of our country. His continued hate speech, degradation of women, Muslims, African-Americans, Latinos, and whites that don’t agree with his b.s. is more than enough to ensure he loses the election.

But, let’s not just let him lose, let’s make sure we vote in high enough numbers to show any future candidate that this type of hate-filled rhetoric will not be tolerated by the American people. I’ve talked with some that may not feel Hillary Clinton is the right choice for them, but they know Donald Trump is the wrong choice for our country. I say, pull the lever and show this ass and his party that they can, and must, do better.

I hate name calling, and generally hold myself to the standard of fighting the issue not the person. But with Trump, there is too much hate and bigotry to be ignored. This is a person born on third base thinking he hit a triple. And arrogant enough to believe that even though he started with all of the wealth and circumstances to avoid ever being a working person that he can somehow understand what we need. As he says, “believe me.” All I believe is he is a petty, childish, snobby rich kid who has no idea what his ideals and candidacy are doing to the image of the Republican party, our electoral process and our standing in the world.

Now, this arrogant ass has the nerve to suggest that if he loses it is because the election is rigged. Let me write this as loud as I can: YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT!!!! This insane statement about a rigged election is typical of the narcissist– “I didn’t fail because the system was rigged against me.” No Donald, you’re losing, get over yourself and get out of our grown up political system.

What we must do is make sure he loses on November 8. That requires voting. Just because the polls look good for Hillary, failing to vote is a vote for Trump. If you’re not sure about Hillary, I am sure— vote against Trump.

We can’t let this type of toxic hate and bigotry even be remotely considered mainstream, so we must not only defeat this person, we must defeat the message. Let’s let our country, our political parties, and the world know that we will not tolerate hate, bigotry, and b.s. from our political candidates.

If you’d like to knock on doors or phone bank for Hillary and some great Kent County candidates with the KICLC, sign up for a shift or two here.


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