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Women’s Caucus November meeting to discuss middle class income stagnation

GRAND RAPIDS November 5, 2015– Last winter, the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) released a study on American wages. They reported that between 2013 and 2014, wages for American workers continued to stagnate or fall across the wage spectrum– even for those with advanced degrees. They also noted that since 1979, productivity has gone up exponentially, while hourly wages have remained flat or declined.

But it doesn’t take a bunch of economists to tell us that we aren’t able to keep up with the rising cost of goods and services, and that we’re working harder than ever before with less to show for it. Working families feel it every day when they try to make ends meet, and too often come up short, or have to cut out luxuries that in past years would have been commonplace– like vacations or meals out.

This month, the KICLC Women’s Caucus will discuss the reasons behind WHY wages continue to stagnate (even as the economy “improves”) and ways the middle class can fight back.

The Kent-Ionia Labor Council Women’s Caucus’ November meeting is scheduled for womenlogo2this Tuesday, November 10, 5:30pm at the Kent-Ionia Labor Center, 918 Benjamin NE in Grand Rapids.

On the agenda for the November meeting:

  • ‘Where has all the income gone?’— a discussion on how the middle class has lost ground in the past 50 years, and how we can get it back.
  • Final planning and implementation for the Caucus’ year-end service project with the Women’s Resource Center of Grand Rapids.
  • KICLC Board and Community Action Team (CAT) update
  • Open discussion

The KICLC Women’s Caucus meets monthly at the Kent-Ionia Labor Center, 918 Benjamin NE in Grand Rapids. Any women interested in advancing labor’s mission– higher wages, better benefits and respect on the job– is invited to participate. The purpose of the Women’s Caucus is to give women a larger voice in the west Michigan labor movement; to develop new leaders and activists; to discuss topics of special interest to women; and to seek out ways to serve the community. Meetings start at 5:30pm and run for about an hour. Union members and non-union members alike are welcome to attend.

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